The Green Pledge

The Green Pledge highlights 12 significant areas of our sustainability work.

The emphasis is on concrete measures that we are taking now – or in the near future. The Green Pledge is about the present, what we can do today. The long-term strategy will be continuously revised as new technologies and ideas emerge, offering new opportunities.

The objective is far-reaching self-regulation – going above and beyond government regulations, ISO standards, and expectations.

The Green Pledge is a big undertaking with a humble approach. It’s our way to challenge ourselves to do as much as we can, as fast as we can. For our business partners and customers, the Green Pledge is a warranty of excellence, and an assurance that they are working together with a company that promotes sustainable practices.


The Green Pledge is our way to unite the company and all our employees around a very important initiative.

For our business partners and customers, the Green Pledge is a warranty of excellence, and an assurance that they are working together with a company that promotes sustainable practices.







At Svenska Krämfabriken we see a future where local production becomes

even more important. We firmly believe that tomorrow’s consumer cares

enough for the environment to choose local alternatives whenever possible. We aim to be the best local alternative for the Nordic market.

Producing and sourcing as close as possible to the customer and the end-user, is crucial in our pursuit to minimize our climate footprint and environmental impact. Remaining local helps us significantly reduce CO2 emissions from transportations, both in and out of the factory. 

Moreover, the corona crisis has shown us that being less dependent on

international suppliers is a huge advantage for our customers. The vulnerability of the global value chains has become evident. We aim to offer more reliability – closer to the customer.

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Optimizing energy use is the most important area of the sustainability work at Svenska Krämfabriken.

Increased energy effectiveness reduces our over-all 
impact and climate footprint most significantly. And it’s easy to measure.

Decreased energy use makes us more competitive. Less energy waste means lower production costs. As a customer of Svenska Krämfabriken you pay for quality, not for inefficiency.

And yes, we use 100 % renewwable energy in all production facilities and offices.

What we have done in the past



In the Falun factory we gradually transformed our production processes to optimize energy effectiveness, reducing our use of energy by 57 % in just over 5 years.

Screenshot 2021-07-14 at 13.03.58.png

From 2015: 100 % district heating in all processes and 100 % renewable electricity.

Current projects


The Borlänge factory, which we acquired in 2019, is currently undergoing a massive rebuilding and transformation. We are investing a total of more than 1 million euros to further optimize energy usage.

The total yearly energy saving is estimated to 1 600 MWh – which is enough to supply an entire neighborhood of 80 average size family homes with energy for one year.

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Reducing the use of water in production is a key part in our aim to decrease our total water footprint.

Since 2013 we have reduced our use of water per produced kilo by 63 %.

The yearly water-saving equals the water use of 90 average size households.

Key measures include better water efficiency in production processes, as well as optimization of formulas.

Water scarcity and pollution of water are global issues. The water footprint is a measure of humanity's appropriation of water in volumes of water consumed and/or polluted. At Svenska Krämfabriken we strive to reduce our water footprint in several ways:

  • Lowering direct water usage in production.

  • Lowering indirect water use (at point of consumption).

  • Reducing aquatic pollution from ingredients/raw materials.

  • Proper wastewater management.





  • We use a CLOSED-LOOP wastewater management system from all
    manufacturing processes. 

  • Our cleaning policy, “Instant hot water sanitation”, is designed to minimize our water footprint from production. The method lets us apply fewer chemicals and reduces the use of water in the cleaning process.

  • Wastewater is collected in tanks. The system effectively prevents wastewater from escaping into the waterways.

  • A similar system is now being prepared in Borlänge.





Recycling - YES!

At Svenska Krämfabriken we firmly believe that effective recycling is the best way to minimize the environmental impact of cosmetic packaging.

Our aim is to:

  • Continuously increase the share of recycled plastic in packaging. 

  • Enable and promote recycling and reusing.

The way we do it

Reduce! Minimize Impact at source.

From a lifecycle perspective, we need to reduce the environmental effects of the production of packaging. This is achieved by:

  • Minimizing unnecessary packaging –avoid outer packaging if not necessary.

  • Smart packaging that saves space (shipping less air).

  • Closely auditing the environmental policies of our suppliers.

  • Choosing local and European suppliers to reduce CO2 emissions from transportation.

Recycle! Say goodbye to virgin plastics.

Minimizing the use of virgin plastics and mixed materials is a top priority. From 2019 and forward new brands from Svenska Kr mfabriken will:

  • Come in packaging that is made, entirely or partly, from recycled plastics.

  • Be designed for recyclability: possible to collect, sort and recycle without disrupting the plastic regeneration process (mono-material, PE, PP, PET, less colors, washable adhesives).

Reuse! Get creative.

We are closely following the development of reusing programs, like refilling and packaging collection programs, as well as new emerging technology and ideas on how to reuse, both for our own brands, and on behalf of contract customers.

Best practice

For our new brand Five Oceans we are using 100 % recycled PET bottles. The bottles are designed to be recyclable – no multi-materials, no labels or sleeves, no lacquers.

Bio-based plastics - YES!

Bio-based plastics in packaging are a way of conserving fossil resources and reducing waste. Bio-based plastic, can but do not have to, be biodegradable. There are also plastics that are biodegradable but made from petrochemical raw materials. Bio-based plastics and biodegradable plastics in packaging can be a sustainable option. For example, composting does not involve thermal utilization, which makes it possible to achieve a reduced CO2 footprint.

But these are several difficulties:

  • Bio-based plastics made from corn or sugar sometimes compete with food production.

  • In the cultivation of renewable raw materials, monocultures are frequently used which results in a high consumption of soil and water.

  • Not all biodegradable plastics decompose equally quickly. This is often difficult for the consumer to see and understand.

  • The separation of bio-based plastics in automated sorting plants is still very inadequate.

Evaluating bioplastics options

At Svenska Krämfabriken we are eager to help private label customers that are interested in bio-based plastics packaging.

We are closely monitoring the advances that are made within the fields of biobased/biodegradable materials and we are continuously evaluating different options for bio-sourced plastics like bio-based PET and biodegradable plastics (bio-based or otherwise): like PLA (Poly Lactide), PHA (Poly Hydroxy Alcanoate), Biopolyester (including PBS, PCL, PBAT, etc.).


  • To use alternative bio-based raw materials that do not compete with food production.

  • To create more transparency for consumers through clear labelling on the products, on the one hand in order to open up the possibility of influencing purchasing behavior and on the other hand to guarantee correct disposal.

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Our approach

Sustainability impacts occur through all phases of a cosmetic product’s life cycle. A big part depends on the ingredients we use in our products. Cosmetics are washed down the drain so avoiding ingredients that are harmful to the environment is crucial. 


As a private label customer or end-user, you can rest assured that Svenska Krämfabriken is making a serious effort to minimize the environmental effects from the ingredients we use in our products, while still prioritizing consumer safety and product quality.

Staying ahead of regulations: By continuously making environmental risk assessments based on new scientific information, and closely following the environmental the debate concerning cosmetic ingredients, we can stay ahead of the regulators.

Main Focus
  • Select sustainable and sustainably processed ingredients.

  • Reduce water footprint:

    • Choose ingredients with lower aquatic ecotoxicity. The toxins from cosmetics end up in our oceans, lakes, streams, rivers, and water supply, harming the aquatic species.

    • Water-saving formulas: concentrated formulas, waterless formulas, “waterless use” formulas.

  • Avoid all ingredients that contribute to rapid deforestation.

  • Keep away from other types of harmful ingredients like for example microplastics (required by law in Europe), PFAS, and cyclic silicones. Please ask for a complete “negative list”.

  • Reduce the number of ingredients:

    • Using fewer ingredients, while still offering great variety, is a top priority.

    • More effect, fewer “label warmers”.

  • Create multi-function products. Smart multi-purpose products reduce the number of products needed in a skincare routine, which means less waste and less harm to the environment.

  • Choose local and European ingredient suppliers to reduce CO2 emissions from transports.

Being Honest

There is a jungle of claims being made by cosmetics brands: vegan, green, clean, cruelty-free, natural and organic – just to name a few. At Svenska Krämfabriken we are happy to guide our customers right in this jungle of promises – and help private label customers choose the most appropriate product claims and certifications.

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Key Focus

Source locally.

Choose local and European suppliers to reduce CO2 emissions from transportation.

Minimize air shipment by planning ahead.

Good foresight is key to environmentally friendly transportation.

Our goal is to keep all supplies on the ground at all times!

Choose the right partners.

When auditing our logistic and distribution partners we evaluate environmental policies, working conditions, and social responsibility. Environmental policies are continuously being added to all our distribution contracts.

Pack smart.

By shipping less air we can reduce environmental impact from transports.

Distribution Project of the Year


In October 2020, Svenska Krämfabriken is switching to a new smart system for wholesale packaging. All tubes will be packed lying down in smart, recyclable cardboard boxes.

The new system will:

  • Saves space on pallets by 10-30% (shipping less air), reducing transportation volumes by up to 22 truckloads/year.

  • Make it possibible to double stack pallets, which will further reduce transportation volumes by up to 30 truckloads/year.

  • Reduce use of plastics in wholesale packaging by more than 15 tons/year.

  • Cut energy use in production by 150 MWh/year.



Travel Less - Travel Greener

At Svenska Krämfabriken we are committed to reduce business traveling and choose climate-friendly options when possible.

“The greenest business trip is the one you don’t take.”

Reducing business travel is the first and most important initiative. Nevertheless, business travel is necessary to drive growth and profit. Therefore we need a clear policy for sustainable travel.

Travel Less - Travel Greener

Switch to virtual meetings
By equipping our people with technology to collaborate from 
anywhere, at any time, we are able to decouple our business growth from our environmental impacts. We choose video meetings as often as possible. This way we reduce both external travel and internal travel between offices.

Restrict the use of air travel
Emissions from air travel are far greater than from other 
modes of transport. Reducing our CO2 footprint from flying is a top priority. Whenever possible, we always recommend employees to travel by railway.

Opting for greener flying
Sometimes air travel is necessary. When we need to fly, we 
always fly economy class, we consider a “one person” travel policy for long-distance business meetings, and we choose low-emission providers whenever possible.

Increase control over business travel
Long distance trips, especially the ones involving 
flying, always require sign-off by senior management. Is this trip necessary? Can we go by train? Can we do a video meeting instead?

Encourage greener ways of transport for shorter trips
We encourage employees to leave their car at home and switch to greener and cleaner ways of transportation whenever possible. Our sales office is located in central Stockholm,

which makes it possible for employees to walk, bike or use public transportation to go to meetings, or to the central railway station.

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A Green Office

Office supplies

When buying office supplies we always choose sustainable options whenever possible – and we always try to minimize waste of office supplies.

Printed material

At Svenska Krämfabriken we strongly promote an “only print when necessary” culture. We use “pull printing” for all printer rooms in order to minimize the “non-collection rate” at printers. We encourage

switching from printed to digital material for all purposes: marketing- and sales material as well as interoffice communication.

Recycling and cleaning

All offices are equipped with recycling centers and recycling boxes, including waste paper and box recycling, as well as organized bottles and can returns. For cleaning and washing, we use green products that are not damaging to the environment. We encourage staff to use mugs, glasses, dishes, and cutlery rather than disposables.



Svenska Krämfabriken’s Code of Conduct provides guidelines on how to conduct business in a responsible way – ethically, socially, and environmentally. We always do our best to make sure that all of our suppliers and other business partners hold the same high standards. Our code of conduct is based on the 10 principles developed within the framework of the UN Global Compact. 


Here follows an abstract of the basic principles of the Code of Conduct:

Human rights

Svenska Krämfabriken supports and respects the protection of international human rights.

Labor law & anti-discrimination

Svenska Krämfabriken maintains freedom of association in accordance with local legislation and all employees are free to start or participate in trade union activities. Svenska Krämfabriken recognizes the right to collective bargaining. All kinds of discrimination based on ethnicity, color, gender, religion, political opinion, national origin, social origin, age, disability, HIV/AIDS status, union membership, and sexual orientation is strictly prohibited.


Svenska Krämfabriken works against corruption in all its forms, including extortion and bribery, proactively developing strategies and programs to deal with corruption.


Svenska Krämfabriken takes active initiative to promote greater environmental responsibility.

CSR Activities

Svenska Krämfabriken actively promotes a strong culture of corporate social responsibility and business ethics. The objective is far-reaching self-regulation – going above and beyond government regulations, ISO standards, and expectations. Employees have a key role in maintaining the company's values and ethical guidelines.

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The safety and wellness of our employees are fundamental parts of the sustainability work we do at Svenska Krämfabriken.

Johan Mattson, CEO

Investing in the workplace

Our employees must always feel inspired and appreciated for all of their hard work. People should want to come to work in the morning, and they should enjoy their time at their workplace.

That’s the main reason why Svenska Krämfabriken has invested so much in the physical working environment at our different workplaces.

During 2019-2020 a major interior redesign was made at the factory in Borlänge in order to optimize the production areas and give the office spaces a serious facelift.

Our new showroom and office at Blasieholmen in Stockholm opened in 2020. It’s been designed like a home away from home - a place where work and leisure can blend seamlessly combining comfortable work spaces with stylish and cozy lounge areas and representative meeting rooms.

Svenska Krämfabriken Borlänge Lab

Borlänge - Lab

Svenska Krämfabriken, Blasieholmen, Stockholm, Showroom

Blasieholmen, Stockholm – Showroom

Svenska Krämfabriken Borlänge, Lounge

Borlänge – Lounge

Corporate wellness - creating a culture

At Svenska Krämfabriken we endorse a strong wellness culture where sports and exercise are encouraged in several ways:


  • Svenska Krämfabriken has its own corporate athletic club called Team Ormsalva.

  • “Krämis Tränis” is an employee initiative that organizes training activities for employees.

  • All employees gets to take part in Vasaloppet, where Svenska Krämfabriken is an active partner.

  • All employees are entitled to scheduled wellness activities on regular working hours. (40 minutes/week).

  • All employees are entitled to a wellness grant (friskvårdsbidrag) of
    3 000 SEK per year, 
    which the can be spent on sporting activities of choice.

Gör den till din egen. Lägg till bilder, text och länkar eller anslut data från din samling.

Safety & health


At Svenska KrÄmfabriken we have a systematic approach to promoting both physical and psychosocial health and safety at our workplace. We follow ISO 45001, which is an international standard that specifies requirements for occupational health and safety, and provides a solid framework to instigate proper and effective management of health and safety in the workplace.


Systematic activities include:

  • Management systems: top management must always have the proper education and training to be able to take overall responsibility and accountability for the working environment.

  • Leadership and commitment, including awareness, responsiveness, active support, and feedback, from the organization’s top management, are critical for the success of our corporate health management work.

  • Planning and risk assessment: clear identification of potential incidents and implementation of controls and measures. Gap analysis.

  • An ACTIVE health and safety committee.

  • Staff training and awareness.

  • Sufficient communication concerning safety management systems.

  • Systematic training to respond to emergency situations.

  • Monitoring and continual improvement.

  • Systematic employee satisfaction surveys followed by proper evaluation and actions (held at least 2 times a year).

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Svenska Kr mfabriken is involved in several activities that encourages good health and an active lifestyle in Sweden. Although sometimes foreseen, these projects are also vital parts of our sustainability work.

Team Ormsalva Athletic Club

Our own athletic club, Team Ormsalva, is open for everybody – from beginner to top athletes!Team Ormsalva is active in cycling, skiing, and triathlon and has 300+ members. The goal is to encourage an active life style through sports and exercise. The club includes a professional cycling team where several of the athletes also work at Svenska Kr mfabriken.

Sports for the masses

Mass-participation sports is a big thing in Sweden. Since 2014 Svenska Kr mfabriken has been a

dedicated sponsor and an active partner to four of Sweden’s most famous endurance sports events:

  • Vasaloppet – the world’s biggest and most prestigious long-distance cross country ski race.

  • O-Ringen – the world's biggest orienteering competition.

  • Liding loppet – the worlds biggest cross country running event.

  • Cykelvasan – one of the world’s biggest mountain bike races.


Through its partnerships Svenska Krämfabriken helps sustain and encourage positive health in Scandinavia.

  • ISO 22716:2007
    Cosmetic GMP and the basis of our
     operations. Legal obligation towards consumers and governmental agencies.

  • ISO 9001
    The commitment to continuous quality improvement
     (business, processes, personnel, products, customers).

  • ISO 45001
    Occupational health and safety.


  • ISO 14001
    he commitment to continual environmental improvement
     (business, processes, personnel, products, customers).

    Svenska Kr mfabriken is certified by Ecocert Greenlife
     – a leading certification body for natural and organic cosmetics.

    An arangement designed to help producers in developing countries achieve better trading conditions.