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We are a market leading brand owner, R&D center, and manufacturer in beauty and wellness.

The Company
The Company

Svenska Krämfabriken is a market leading manufacturer, R&D center, brand owner and developer within the segments of beauty, health, and wellness. We always strive to stay ahead of the game bringing strong, one of a kind, quality brands to the market.

Besides developing and building inhouse brands, we also aim to offer the best complete private label services available on the market, including outstanding brand concept development, R&D, trend analysis, sourcing, design, manufacturing, as well as 360 marketing and logistics solutions.


Our mission is to provide safe and innovative quality products for the consumer to enjoy. In order to minimize our environmental impact we always do our utmost to develop, produce, and distribute our products in the most sustainable way.


Our production facilities are located in Borlänge (12 400 sqm). The sales and marketing team is located in Stockholm.

Our History

Svenska Krämfabriken was founded in Falun 2014 as a result of a merger between two small family businesses: the beauty care manufacturer Simplus and the brand owner RFM Brands.


The merger marked the start of a thrilling journey. In just over five years Svenska Krämfabriken grew from 15 to 120 employees, and the yearly turnover increased from 3 M€ in 2014 to 27 M€ in 2020. The company is still managed and owned by the original founders Johan Mattsson, Pär Borgersen, and Jesper Rönnbäck.


The acquisition of our new production facilities in Borlänge (former CCS) was an important milestone in the company’s pursuit to become the number one brand owner and contract manufacturer in Scandinavia. From 2020 the Borlänge factory is Svenska Krämfabriken’s main production site and R&D center.


Svenska Krämfabriken is an international distributor and brand owner within in the segments of beauty and cosmetics, mainly in the categories of skin and sun care for face and body, hair care, color cosmetics, and fragrances.


Our main distribution channels are our online brands stores, cosmetics and fragrance retailers, pharmacies, department stores, super markets,

e-tailers, health care stores, professional beauty salons, and hair salons.

Each brand is different and requires its own go-to-market strategy. We believe in a tailored 360-degree approach to marketing in order to build brand recognition. Sampling, promotions, in-store activities, events, training, sponsoring, PR, social media and different types of advertising are all important parts of a successful long-term brand building strategy. 

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Peter Arcabic
Director of Sales, Brands

+46 70 - 529 78 56
Jan Rundlöf
Business Manager Export & Duty Free
+46 70 - 859 36 07


Retail Partners

We work with a large variety of retailers and professionals such as department stores, cosmetic chains, therapists, spas, pharmacies, speciality stores, e-tailers, fashion retailers and supermarkets. In total we supply around 3 000 individual doors in Sweden and the Nordic region. 

Our own brands are distributed in more than 30 countries worldwide. Our retail partners include international prestigious department stores like Selfridges and Fortnum & Mason in London, Bergdorf goodman in New York and Printemps in Paris.

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Private Label
Private Label

Our goal is to offer the best complete private label and contract manufacturing services available on the market, including outstanding brand concept  development, R&D, trend analysis, sourcing, design, manufacturing, as well as 360 marketing and logistics solutions.

As a private label customer you can come to us with nothing but an idea and let us take care of the rest. Or you can bring a complete pre-developed brand concept that is ready for plug and play contract production. The customer’s needs is always our priority.

We deliver quality, speed to market, and tailored solutions for all of your needs – no matter how you choose to do it. This flexible, customer oriented approach has resulted in many successful long-term cooperations with leading retailers and strong brands in the cosmetics business both in Sweden and internationally.

We are active in most segments and price ranges within beauty and cosmetics, with a main focus on skin care for face and body, sun care, and hair care. We work with all different sizes of projects and offer flexible order quantities.

Our Set-Up – a One Stop Shop

  • Large and highly skilled
    in-house R&D team with broad spectrum industry experience and knowledge.


  • In-house brand building and design team: brand concept development, packaging design and development, art direction and copy.

  • Sourcing and supply chain team with a worldwide network – expert packaging technicians.

  • Experienced marketing
    team that works with a wide selection of retail partners in Sweden and internationally.

  • Quality team ensuring product safety/quality and handling all regulatory requirements.

  • Logistics and planning team, top-modern distribution facilities.

  • In-house PR and social media agency.

  • Customer support and project management.

  • Trend analysis team, business knowledge, and risk control.

  • State of the art, green
    and sustainable production facilities.

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The Green Pledge
The Green Pledge

In order to minimize our environmental impact we always do our utmost to develop, produce, and distribute our products in the most sustainable way.

ISO 22716:2007*

ISO 9001

ISO 14001



Cosmetic GMP and the basis of our operations. Legal obligation towards consumers and governmental agencies.

The commitment to continuous quality improvement (business, processes, personnel, products, customers).

The commitment to continual environmental improvement (business, processes, personnel, products, customers). District heating in all processes, 100% renewable energy and a closed drainage system.

Svenska Krämfabriken is audited by Ecocert according to Cosmos standard – a leading certification body for natural and organic cosmetics.

An arrangement designed to help producers in developing countries achieve better trading conditions.


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+46  23 - 230 00
Fredrik Vejgården

Pär Borgersen
Business Development Director

Karin Eld
Concept & Assortment Manager

Helene Gustafsson
R&D Director
Magnus Snitt
Sourcing Director

Jesper Rönnbäck
Director of Brands

+46 70 - 432 84 52
Jan Rundlöf
Head of International Sales, Brands

+46 70 - 859 36 07
Peter Arcabic
Director of Sales, Brands

+46 70 - 529 78 56

Goods/Warehouse, Borlänge

+46 24 378 153

Opening hours: Mon-fri 07.00-15.30 (lunch 11.30-12.00)

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